Efficient And Cost-Effective Representation In Foreclosure Proceedings

Since 1971, The Brocklebank Firm has provided legal services to the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. Our team is qualified to handle all types of residential and commercial real estate matters, from settlement representation and title insurance issues to foreclosure proceedings.

Because we handle purchase and sale transactions, we have the ability to efficiently follow through on foreclosure when owners fail to make mortgage payments.

Handling Residential And Commercial Foreclosure Proceedings And Default Services

We manage residential and commercial foreclosure proceedings from start to finish, including filing the initial notice of default, reinstatement and short sale proposals, filing the notice of sale, advising during the trustee or sheriff sale, and collections:

  • We serve the real estate default industry, providing debt collection services on loans where the borrower has defaulted.
  • We conduct foreclosure searches to identify any and all necessary parties who must be named in the foreclosure proceedings.

Just as important as our location and our experience is our reputation for integrity. We run a tight ship, enabling us to provide the punctuality, responsiveness and flexibility that our lender clients require.

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