Knowledgeable Probate Guidance

Probate is not nearly as complicated as many think. In New York, the entire process can be handled at a reasonable cost, and in as little as seven months.

That said, the process can spin out of control if careful attention is not paid to the details and required formalities. Whether your probate issue is big or small, we can help.

New York probate is a fairly straightforward process in most cases. To speak with an attorney about your concerns in this area, call The Brocklebank Firm at 866-672-8962 or contact us online today.

Putting Experienced Probate Attorney Representation On Your Side

At The Brocklebank Firm, we assist executors, trustees, personal representatives, beneficiaries and others with probate-related concerns. Since 1971, our lawyers have handled a full range of probate services, including:

  • Locating and identifying the estate's assets
  • Filing creditors' claims
  • Paying off legitimate creditors of the estate
  • Distributing the remainder of the estate's assets to the named beneficiaries or in accordance with the law
  • Trust administration services
  • Postmortem estate tax planning

Providing Skilled Probate Representation

Sometimes even a carefully crafted estate plan will run into trouble. The validity of wills can be contested. Executors, trustees and personal representatives may be accused of misconduct in administering the trust or estate's assets.

If you are currently involved in a probate dispute of some kind, our attorney is an experienced litigator you can trust to work toward practical solutions wherever possible, but who will also be a strong advocate for you in court when situations warrant.

Looking After Your Probate Needs

Call our offices at 866-672-8962 or contact us online. A written retainer agreement is required for our firm to represent you. From our Canandaigua law offices, we provide representation in Rochester and the entire Upstate New York area.