FAQ: Insurance Issues

At The Brocklebank Firm, our experience handling motor vehicle accidents has continually revealed one common thread: few people understand how New York's no-fault insurance laws work.

To help you understand these complex laws, we have put together a short list of some of the more common questions that clients ask us. Brief answers to these questions are provided below.

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How Does New York No-Fault Insurance Coverage Work?

After a motor vehicle accident occurs, injured persons file a no-fault claim with the insurance company covering the vehicle they were riding in at the time of their injury.

In motor vehicle accidents involving bicycles and pedestrians, motorcyclist injuries, hit-and-run accidents, or those in which the negligent driver was uninsured or underinsured, obtaining benefits is more complicated. Whatever the situation — our attorneys can help you obtain the benefits you need.

What If My Expenses Exceed The No-Fault Limits?

If your medical bills and expenses exceed the $50,000 no-fault limit, you may be able to obtain additional personal injury protection (PIP) benefits from your own policy or a policy of a member of your household. Additional PIP is an optional coverage that is available at a reasonable price from most insurance companies.

What Can I Do If I Was Injured In A Motorcycle Accident?

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are excluded from no-fault benefits under New York State law. Your primary course of action here is to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver and their insurer.

Can I Be Reimbursed For Anything Beyond Medical Bills And Lost Wages?

Yes, you can. For instance, if you had to take a taxi to get to a medical appointment, you may file a claim for that expense. The same is also true if you have to pay for prescription drugs out of your own pocket.

If your valid claims have been denied, our lawyers can fight the insurance company's decision and work hard to get that decision changed.

Answers To Your Insurance Questions

Our attorneys have been serving the Canandaigua, New York, area since 1971. This includes representing clients throughout Ontario, Monroe, Seneca, Wayne and Yates counties who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.

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