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5 people injured, with 1 in critical condition, after 3-car crash

Three cars were involved in an accident in Brooklyn, New York City recently -- and though everyone survived, one person was clinging to life after the crash.

Few details have been made available about the crash, but what we do know is that five people were injured as a result of the car accident. One person was trapped inside one of the vehicles after the wreck, and emergency responders had to extricate her. She was then taken to a nearby hospital, along with three other people who suffered "serious injuries." The fifth person only suffered minor injuries.

At this point it is unclear how the accident occurred. The police are investigating the matter and it will take some time before they have sufficient evidence to determine if anyone was at fault in the accident. The one piece of information the police did release is that they do not believe any of the drivers did anything criminal.

Still, this investigation -- just like any car accident investigation -- carries significant weight. Police will seek eyewitnesses to the accident; they will question the drivers involved in the accident; they will try to collect data from your car's black box (if it has one). Combined these pieces of evidence (and many others) give the police a picture as to how the accident happened. They can then use this information to ultimately decide who caused it.

It may take awhile, but for those who believe they were victimized in an accident an want justice, patient can be very beneficial. The results of the investigation could support any claims you make in civil court.

Source: NY Daily News, "Three-car accident on Brooklyn highway leaves five injured, one critically, officials say," Joseph Stepansky and Barry Paddock, Sept. 28, 2013

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